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The cleaning of a garage floor demonstrates a total commitment to the maintenance and cleaning of all spaces in a house. A clean garage floor is also a safer space as it reduces the chances of slips and falls from waste and oily waste from a car. Pressure Washing Ohio: Cleaning a garage floor cannot become a favorite task. However, so it is a part of your home care maintenance regimen, you can do the job quickly, efficiently and with remarkable results.

General Cleaning

Use a broom to loosen and sweep existing surface dirt. Cat sand is actually a good absorbent product that works surprisingly well to remove light spots from grease and oil stains. He spread on the ground and then swept the stained areas. Cat litter absorbs oil. Based on the amount of dirt that has accumulated, you can also spray a standard household dust cleaner like the kite on the surface to help restore a cleaner look. Use a normal mop to clean the floor. Follow with a hard water spray from a garden hose to rinse, working from the back of the garage in the front to propel water out of the garage area. Keep the garage doors open to allow the cement floor to dry.

Oil Cleansing And Grease Stains

Keep a bottle of bleach spray in your hand to clean and remove oil stains. Spray the bleach directly on the stained area and allow it to sit for about 20 minutes. Then rub the area securely with a nylon bristle brush. Do not use a wire brush as it can erode and loosen the concrete. Take great care and caution to prevent chlorine on your clothing, skin, and eyes such as chlorine can be dangerous. Rinse area to complete cleaning. If the garage floor has heavy grease stains, apply cat litter and allow it to settle for two to three days on the stain. Then, sweep up the cat litter, which should have absorbed most (if not all) of the fat. Follow with the bleach spray, as already described,

Tire Brands

Clean tire marks off concrete garage floors by using a cleaning product with decreasing properties. Many citrus and concentrate based products made with oranges or lemons perform this task with good results. Apply the concentrate to the tire marks and allow it to sit and run on the tire mark stain for a couple of hours. Then rub with a nylon bristle brush and rinse with cold water to completely remove the tire mark.

Pressure Wash

Periodic pressure washing of a concrete garage floor is an effective way to keep it at its best. The pressure washer then gives the entire concrete floor a uniform, clean look. The use of a detergent or grease remover improves the ability of the pressure washer to remove grease, oil and other types of stains from the concrete surface.

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