UPDATE: CMC Presents Results Of Survey (but what are they?)

I heard back from Alderman Schulters Communications Director. The Chicago Music Commission presented the results of the survey this morning. It would be nice if they would also present them to the public, and Ill ask them to do so.

Heres the response from the Robert Rawls (who has been extremely responsive any time Ive had any questions, by the way):


Thanks for contacting us. Alderman Schulter is continuing the dialogue with both promoters and venue ownersincluding two meeting this morning. The Chicago Music Commission was in attendance this morning and presented the results of their survey. There are still a few outstanding issues that need to be addressed, so Alderman Schulter will once again not be sending the proposal to City Council next week. Alderman Schulter expects the proposal to go back before the Committee on License and Consumer Protection.


Robert Rawls
Communications Director
Alderman Gene Schulters Office

Frankly, Im very disappointed that Chicago Music Commission did not announce that they were meeting with Alderman Schulter and has not posted the results of the survey for everyone.

You can be sure Ill keep this process as transparent as possible.